Tutorial: A Complete Guide to Selecting the Right Vape Device

Those new to vaping are often confounded by the sheer volume of vaporizers on the market. But since you are here, by the end of this article we will ensure that you have adequate knowledge to buy a vaporizer that will make vaping enjoyable.

The basic makeup of a vaping device

These are the key components of a vapor device.

  • The vape tank where the heating coil, e-liquid, and the wicks are present
  • Batteries to power the device
  • E-liquid which is vaporized. It is usually a mixture of propylene glycol and even nicotine at times.

Types of vaporizers

  1. Pen style: Easy to use, in these vaporizers it is really simple to add the e-liquid or change the coil. This is a complete system with a longer life; some models come with adjustable voltage.
  2. TC Devices: Currently these temperature-controlled devices are considered the safest and most effective to use. This device is so designed that the replaceable coils’ resistance changes with the change in temperature thereby preventing overheating of the coil.
  3. VV or VW devices: In this model, the voltage and the wattage can be modified according to one’s needs and usage. Almost all models come with protection circuitry that will ensure that the device doesn’t get damaged with excess heat.

Decision making markers

Answers to these questions will help you decide the final product.

  1.  Is it portable and handy to carry around?
  2. Is the vapor harsh or smooth?
  3. How long does the battery last?
  4. Can the temperature be adjusted if not at what temperature does the vapor come?
  5. What is the heating element and is it compatible with the compartment material?
  6. What is the capacity?
  7. Is it easy to maintain and easy to repair?

Armed with answers to these questions you can select any model of your choice at PaySpi.